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Liberty League/UCAA Record by Season

UCAA Champions: 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2001
Liberty League Champions: 2007 & 2015

Liberty League founded in 1995 as the Upstate Collegiate Athletic Association (UCAA). Name changed to Liberty League in 2004.

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
199532-1.66794-60Second (tied) in UCAA
199642-2.500103-60Third in UCAA
199744-01.000126-21First in UCAA
199843-1.750147-97First in UCAA
199944-01.00099-26First in UCAA
200041-3.25079-78Fourth in UCAA
200144-01.000133-82First in UCAA
200242-2.500121-92Third in UCAA
200343-1.750160-76Second in UCAA
200474-3.571175-182Third in Liberty League
200575-2.714234-150Third in Liberty League
200663-3.500170-146Fourth (tied) in Liberty League
200776-1.857203-111First in Liberty League
200875-2.714204-115Second in Liberty League
200973-4.429120-131Fifth in Liberty League
201064-2.667104-93Second in Liberty League
201163-3.500154-162Third (tied) in Liberty League
201273-4.429203-210Fourth (tied) in Liberty League
201372-5.286158-195Fifth (tied) in Liberty League
201474-3.571173-154Third in Liberty League
201576-1.857172-117First (tied) in Liberty League
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
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