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History of Big Ten Hockey

 The Big Ten Conference sponsoring hockey had been talked about in hockey circles for some time, but until a sixth school stepped up with a hockey program to join Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State and Wisconsin, it was just an academic exercise. But once Penn State announced in 2010 it would start a varsity hockey program, a Big Ten hockey conference became not only possible, but a reality. For the existing schools involved, this became a simple change from one conference to another. But the start of Big Ten hockey had repercussions throughout the college hockey world. The residual effects included the formation of the National Collegiate Hockey Conference (NCHC), Notre Dame joining Hockey East and the dissolution of the CCHA, with its remaining members joining what was left of the WCHA. Thus by 2013, when all this came to pass, the smallest major college hockey conference in the country already had one of the greatest impacts on the sport in recent times, before even a conference game had been played.

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