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Shot Glass Trophy

RPI vs. Coast Guard

First Year: 1944

Last Year: 2005

Trophy: Presented to Coast Guard by Allan Colvin, an RPI alum living in Connecticut, and was purloined from a Troy hotel during his reunion in 1944 to show how small the drinks were. Admiral James Pim, then the superintendent of the academy, remarked that it should be awarded to the winner each year. NOTE: Story related in Rensselaer Polytechnic issue of November 16, 1949.

Sites: '86 Field, Troy (except 1975 and 1977), Varsity Field, Troy (1975 and 1977); Jones Field, New London (1944-1970), Cadet Memorial Field, New London (since 1972, except 1980), St. Bernard High School Field, Uncasville (1980). NOTE: Jones Field and Cadet Memorial Field are the same field.

RPI Record: 19-33-2 (.370)

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
1944Oct. 14Coast Guard 38-6New London
1945Oct. 13RPI 18-7Troy
1946Sep. 28Coast Guard 33-0New London
1947Sep. 27Tie 19-19Troy
1948Nov. 13Coast Guard 13-6New London
1949Nov. 12RPI 20-0Troy
1950Nov. 11Coast Guard 27-0New London
1951Nov. 10Coast Guard 35-14Troy
1952Nov. 8Coast Guard 49-12New London
1953Nov. 7Coast Guard 12-6Troy
1954Nov. 6Coast Guard 35-7New London
1955Nov. 5Coast Guard 13-0Troy
1956Nov. 10Coast Guard 32-0New London
1957Nov. 9Coast Guard 27-20Troy
1958Nov. 8Coast Guard 28-8New London
1959Nov. 7Coast Guard 19-2Troy
1960Nov. 5Coast Guard 46-6New London
1961Nov. 11Coast Guard 13-0Troy
1968Nov. 16Coast Guard 34-20New London
1970Sep. 19Coast Guard 31-3New London
1971Sep. 18Coast Guard 28-27Troy
1972Sep. 23Coast Guard 24-7New London
1973Sep. 22Coast Guard 30-0Troy
1974Sep. 21Coast Guard 3-0New London
1975Sep. 20Coast Guard 26-22Troy
1976Sep. 18Coast Guard 17-0New London
1977Sep. 17Coast Guard 29-15Troy
1978Sep. 16Coast Guard 29-0New London
1979Sep. 15Tie 6-6Troy
1980Sep. 13RPI 12-7Uncasville
1981Sep. 19RPI 21-0Troy
1982Sep. 18RPI 24-22New London
1983Sep. 17RPI 14-7Troy
1984Sep. 15Coast Guard 24-6New London
1985Sep. 14Coast Guard 22-9Troy
1986Sep. 13Coast Guard 16-9New London
1987Sep. 19Coast Guard 7-3Troy
1988Sep. 17RPI 14-0New London
1989Sep. 16Coast Guard 14-10Troy
1990Sep. 15RPI 7-6New London
1991Sep. 14Coast Guard 14-7Troy
1992Sep. 19RPI 14-12New London
1993Sep. 18RPI 53-14Troy
1994Sep. 17RPI 28-17New London
1995Sep. 16RPI 21-20Troy
1996Sep. 14RPI 38-34New London
1997Sep. 13Coast Guard 22-16 (ot)Troy
1998Sep. 19RPI 45-16New London
1999Sep. 18RPI 42-3Troy
2000Sep. 16Coast Guard 24-21New London
2002Sep. 21RPI 34-12New London
2003Sep. 20RPI 44-7Troy
2004Oct. 2RPI 28-17Troy
2005Oct. 1RPI 17-3New London
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
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