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Transit Trophy


First Year: 1980

Trophy: After the 1979 contest it was decided by the athletic directors of both schools to create a trophy for this long-standing rivalry. A transit was chosen since both schools are engineering schools.

Sites: '86 Field, Troy (1980-2008), East Campus Stadium, Troy (since 2010); Alumni Field, Worcester

RPI Record: 26-12-1 (.679)

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
1980Oct. 25RPI 30-13Troy
1981Oct. 31WPI 27-14Worcester
1982Oct. 30RPI 7-3Troy
1983Oct. 29WPI 28-8Worcester
1984Oct. 27RPI 10-7Troy
1985Oct. 26WPI 28-21Worcester
1986Oct. 25RPI 28-24Troy
1987Oct. 31RPI 23-21Worcester
1988Oct. 1RPI 26-7Troy
1989Sep. 30WPI 31-24Worcester
1990Sep. 29Tie 17-17Troy
1991Sep. 28WPI 26-14Worcester
1992Oct. 3WPI 28-14Troy
1993Oct. 2RPI 31-14Worcester
1994Oct. 1RPI 21-14Troy
1995Sep. 30WPI 21-20Worcester
1996Oct. 5WPI 13-10Troy
1997Oct. 4RPI 37-16Worcester
1998Sep. 26RPI 42-19Troy
1999Sep. 25RPI 42-27Worcester
2000Sep. 23RPI 45-0Troy
2001Sep. 22RPI 31-14Worcester
2002Sep. 28RPI 33-13Troy
2003Sep. 27RPI 34-26Worcester
2004Oct. 30RPI 35-33Troy
2005Oct. 29RPI 31-15Worcester
2006Oct. 28RPI 26-0Troy
2007Oct. 27RPI 21-14 (ot)Worcester
2008Sep. 27RPI 35-21Troy
2009Sep. 26RPI 42-33Worcester
2010Sep. 25WPI 24-10Troy
2011Sep. 24WPI 34-31Worcester
2012Sep. 22RPI 39-17Troy
2013Sep. 28WPI 27-14Worcester
2014Sep. 27RPI 27-6Troy
2015Sep. 26RPI 28-21Worcester
2016Oct. 22WPI 19-7Troy
2017Sep. 9RPI 36-14Worcester
2018Sep. 8RPI 25-14Troy
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
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