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Big Red Freakout

The annual, time-honored tradition of the Big Red Freakout began at RPI in 1978 as a way to boost enthusiasm for the hockey team. Each year a cherry (red) and white gift is given out to all the fans in attendance. To those not associated with RPI, this game is best known for producing the NCAA "RPI Rule" which prohibits artificial noisemakers from being used during a game. The 1987 game versus Brown, which saw horns given out as the gift, was the impetus for the rule.

RPI Record: 21-16-5 (.560)

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
1978Feb. 25New HampshireW 6-5 (ot)Hat
1979Feb. 24Boston CollegeW 9-7Pom-Pom
1980Jan. 19New HampshireL 2-3 (ot)Bell
1981Feb. 21Boston CollegeL 1-4Rattle
1982Feb. 6CornellL 4-7Pennant and Cricket
1983Feb. 12St. LawrenceW 8-1Horn
1984Feb. 11St. LawrenceW 10-2Bell
1985Feb. 9YaleW 8-2Applause Jaws
1986Feb. 1St. LawrenceL 0-3Megaphone
1987Feb. 7BrownW 8-3Horn
1988Jan. 30ClarksonL 5-6Towel
1989Feb. 4YaleL 4-5Bandanna
1990Jan. 27St. LawrenceL 4-5Pom-Pom
1991Feb. 2BrownW 4-2Megaphone
1992Feb. 8VermontT 2-2 (ot)Balloon
1993Feb. 6BrownW 5-2Glove
1994Feb. 12VermontT 2-2 (ot)Rattle
1995Feb. 25BrownW 6-1Bandanna
1996Mar. 2PrincetonW 4-1Megaphone
1997Feb. 1BrownW 9-1Pom-Pom and Puck
1998Jan. 31UnionT 3-3 (ot)Foam Bat
1999Feb. 20DartmouthW 8-3Flag
2000Feb. 5DartmouthW 2-0Goalie Mask Car Sign
2001Feb. 3VermontT 2-2 (ot)Foam Hockey Stick
2002Feb. 9ClarksonW 4-3 (ot)Puckman Beanie Baby
2003Feb. 8BrownW 4-3 (ot)Thunderstick
2004Feb. 7ClarksonW 4-2Pennant
2005Feb. 12BrownW 3-2Foam #1 Finger
2006Feb. 11BrownW 4-2Foam Goalie Mask
2007Jan. 20St. LawrenceT 3-3 (ot)Tuque
2008Feb. 2PrincetonL 0-4Baseball Cap
2009Feb. 14YaleL 1-4T-Shirt
2010Feb. 20PrincetonL 0-7Scarf
2011Jan. 29YaleW 5-2Gloves
2012Feb. 4ColgateL 3-8Cinch Sack
2013Feb. 2DartmouthW 3-0Tuque
2014Feb. 8BrownW 4-1Folding Seat Cushion
2015Feb. 14YaleL 1-4Blanket
2016Feb. 6ClarksonL 2-4Mittens
2017Feb. 18QuinnipiacL 3-7Tuque
2018Feb. 24ColgateL 2-5Socks
2019Jan. 26YaleL 2-3Cinch Sack
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
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