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Capital Skates

Rensselaer vs. Union

A trophy was added for the second Capital Skate Classic to add significance to the game. The Capital Skates Trophy features two skates, originally ordered for former Rensselaer forward Mauro DiPaulo, on top of an octogan-shaped base. One of the laces for the skates is cherry (for Rensselaer) and the other garnet (for Union). In front of the skates are three pucks, one with a Union logo, one a Rensselaer logo and the third displaying the name of the trophy.
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Single Game Format (Capital Skate Classic)

First Year: 1996

Last Year: 2000

Sites: Knickerbocker Arena, Albany (1996), Pepsi Arena, Albany (1997), Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls (1998 & 1999), Achilles Rink, Schenectady (2000). NOTE: Knickerbocker Arena and Pepsi Arena are the same arena.

RPI Record: 3-2 (.600)

1996-97Nov. 16Union 2-0Albany
1997-98Nov. 11RPI 3-2Albany
1998-99Nov. 6RPI 3-2 (ot)Glens Falls
1999-00Oct. 23RPI 6-3Glens Falls
2000-01Nov. 4Union 4-2Schenectady
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Season Series Format

First Season: 2007-08

Sites: Messa Rink at Achilles Center, Schenectady & Houston Field House, Troy.

2007-08UnionUnion 2-1 in Schenectady (1/18), Union 4-1 in Troy (1/19).
2008-09UnionUnion 3-0 in Troy (2/6), Union 2-1(ot) in Schenectady (2/7).
2009-10UnionUnion 5-4 in Troy (12/9), Union 3-1 in Schenectady (1/16).
2010-11Tie, Union retains trophyUnion 2-1 in Schenectady (11/12), RPI 4-3 (ot) in Troy (11/13).
2011-12UnionUnion 5-1 in Troy (11/15), Union 5-1 in Schenectady (1/14).
2012-13UnionUnion 4-2 in Troy (11/2), Union 7-3 in Schenectady (11/3).
2013-14UnionUnion 4-3 in Schenectady (11/15), Union 4-1 in Troy (11/16).
2014-15RPIRPI 6-1 in Troy (10/31), RPI 2-1 (ot) in Schenectady (11/1).
2015-16RPIRPI 5-1 in Schenectady (10/30), RPI 3-2 in Troy (10/31).
2016-17UnionUnion 4-1 in Troy (10/28), Union 3-2 (ot) in Schenectady (10/29).
2017-18UnionUnion 4-3 in Schenectady (10/27), Union 4-2 in Troy (10/28).
2018-19RPIRPI 5-3 in Troy (10/26), RPI 4-2 in Schenectady (10/27).
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